Kelli Liebe

I was genuinely hesitant about moving my son here for after school due to his personality. We knew that we wanted more for him than after school warehousing but he can be a tricky kid for a number of reasons and the expectations Vortex has for him seemed a daunting task for him to live up to. I am however, THRILLED that we went ahead with it. He is excelling at Vortex like he does not and has not anywhere else. Even with his pretty severe ADHD, expectations I NEVER would have thought he could meet, he is meeting and he doesn’t come home anxious and stressed and unhappy any more. The staff is incredible with him. They somehow have a way of “handling” him that allows him to thrive and learn and grow without any of the accommodations or modifications the school system needs to help him succeed. With him even being able to stay focused, and in control during his first Karate graduation. It was a real eye opening experience for me see that he was able to listen and stand still and stay quite. No small feat for my kid!