Private Lessons

If you feel the want or need for private lessons, we are here for you. Learn quickly or take a deep dive into the details of it all. You decide!

People need private lessons for many different reasons, such as:

  • Competitive advantage
  • A more private learning environment
  • Catching up with your peers due to being absent
  • Fine-tuning techniques to easily pass tip testing and graduations

One private session is the equivalent of 3 group classes. These sessions provide the fastest way to “collapse time frames” in attaining your personal and professional goals. When you decide to enroll in this program, the rewards you will obtain are priceless and the benefits are endless!

Your training will be One-on-One with some of the greatest martial arts and SUCCESS resources in the country.  Our Team Members are one hundred percent dedicated to your personal progress. Your training will be individually paced, preparing you for intense workouts that will increase your strength, flexibility and endurance. Your advancements will be fast paced, and your combat training and self-defense will improve dramatically.

Each instructor have their own availability, rates and area of expertise. Either ask a team member or the program manager to learn more.

Our Team

Click on an instructor to learn more about them.
Kyoshi MaczugaCEO & Instructor
Kyoshi Maczuga CEO & Instructor
Renshi JuliusCOO & Instructor
Renshi Julius COO & Instructor
Miss TracyOwner & Manager
Miss Tracy Owner & Manager
Coach MikeInstructor
Coach Mike Instructor
Sempai JoshCoach & Instructor
Sempai Josh Coach & Instructor
Coach KrystyanCoach
Coach Krystyan Coach
Coach MaggieManager & Coach
Coach Maggie Manager & Coach
Sensei MacManager & Instructor
Sensei Mac Manager & Instructor
Miss KylieAdmin
Miss Kylie Admin