Coach Krystyan

Hi Y’all. I’m Coach Krystyan and I’m an After School and Summer Camp Coach here at Leander Warriors. I’m a proud mother of two (2) and I have a background in child care using Montessori teachings, giving me plenty of knowledge and hands-on experience in childcare.


My father and grandfather are martial artists, training Aikido, Kenpo, Capoeira, and Muay Thai so I know how well martial arts is for you! As soon as my son was old enough to join Warriors Academy, I had him signed up. I tried different schools and activities for my son, but nothing really worked until we joined Warriors Academy. It really helped him with his discipline, emotions, and body awareness.


I love children and working with kids. As a Coach at the Academy, following the structured curriculum makes it easier for me to focus on the children and give them the attention they need. Martial arts skills benefit you in so many ways, and here at Vortex, we make sure that we cover all aspects of martial arts. I teach character development and ethics, morals, and values. We touch on life skills and etiquette. These martial art skills enhance social and emotional learning. I love WARRIORS ACADEMY! I recommend it to everybody.