Evening Classes Training for the Whole Family

Warriors Academy is committed to making Christian martial arts training convenient for you. So if you and your family only have time after school or work, we can help. We provide evening classes in a variety of martial arts.


Beginner Classes

In our beginner classes, we teach you the essentials of martial arts–how to punch and kick, how to move standing up or move on the ground, and more. This brings you from white belt to gray belt and, eventually, gold belt in a Christian environment. All classes start and end with Christian prayer

Family Martial Arts (Ages 7+)

Our evening family Christian martial arts classes are for ages seven and up. At Warriors Academy, we believe that training with your child is a phenomenal bonding experience. All classes start and end with Christian prayer. For new members, we also have a web kick-start special for only $97 for 6 weeks.

Tiny Tornados (Ages 4-6)

These classes are for kiddos ages four to six. We make sure that our children are having fun as we lay the foundation for their martial arts journey. The learning pace is age appropriate so that students can learn and practice bitesize amounts of martial arts at a time. All classes start and end with Christian prayer. For new members, we offer the web kick-start special for $97 for 6 weeks.

Teen and Adult Martial Arts

Warriors Academy takes pride in being able to provide a warm and welcoming martial arts environment for new teens and adults. We know that most people are looking to learn self-defense, get in shape, and enjoy making new friends who are like minded in a safe environment. This is exactly what we offer for teens and adults, a fun workout that teaches you how to protect yourself and gives you the confidence you need to walk tall, and all in a Christian culture. All classes start and end with Christian prayer

Choose Your Own Adventure

After learning all the essentials of martial arts, you have the freedom to choose the next path in your journey. You can pick our house blend program to learn multiple arts at once or a specific type of martial arts to master. Whatever you pick, we make sure that you are safe and comfortable working with our instructors and other trainees. If you are uncomfortable working with the opposite sex, you always have the option to choose a partner.

House Blend

Our house blend program is for the whole family. Each quarter, we train a different type of martial art, making sure you are always learning something new and exciting. This method also allows our students to become totally well-rounded as martial artists with the confidence and prowess to protect themselves and their loved ones in any situation.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Catch Wrestling

We offer the best alternatives for on the ground self defense through grappling arts. BJJ is world renowned for it’s ability to wear out opponents much larger and then eventually submit them. Catch wrestling is world renowned for its explosive on top control techniques that also submits opponents. This combination gives our students confidence anytime someone wants to take them to the ground.

Krav Maga

Our Krav Maga program is a good fit for teens and adults. You will get in the best shape you have ever been in while learning real-world self-defense used by the Israeli Defense Forces. Our program was designed so you can learn everything you need within months.


Japanese Knock Down Karate

Our academy was founded on evolved, full-contact, Japanese Karate. This style utilizes the Japanese concept of Sabaki. It combines circular footwork with balance manipulation to keep the opponent completely controlled and off-balance at all times. We punch like a boxer while kicking the head, body, and legs like a Thai kickboxer.

Filipino Stick and Knife

Learn the Filipino Kali through the Pekiti Tirsia System with us today. Although renowned for its self-defense quality, this art also has a safe and fun sports aspect to it. It gives our students an enjoyable yet practical way of developing skills with the stick and the blade. You can trust that our classes are always taught in a safe and age appropriate-way with practice weapons.

WLP-Warriors Leadership Program

This is a journey for anyone interested in becoming an instructor. At Warriors Academy, we focus on physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual fitness and self-defense. These developed attributes are found in all of our black belt instructors. As an instructor, you know the information better than anyone and have the most proficient technique. In addition, you are in a position to help others grow.


Whether you are supplementing your martial arts training with a fitness program or you want a specific at-home workout program, we can help. Our at-home workout solution comes with over 700 video workouts of every kind—strength, speed, cardio, and conditioning—from the top fitness experts in the world! On top of that, we have complete diet plans and supplement lines to guide your fitness journey.

About Us

Our professional instructor team at Warriors Academy has tremendous experience winning in national and international self-defense tournaments, both pro and amateur! Come experience our family-friendly martial arts classes and see it for yourself.

Fully Equipped Academy

Our Academy has many classrooms used for academics and sitdown lessons, a large church chapel, a full gym with matted training area, a full kitchen and cafeteria, and acres of outdoor training space. We also offer ample parking.

Our Mission

To forge Christian leaders through purposefully designed faith and strength.


Reach Out to Us

To learn more about our programs, get in touch with us today. We are also open to answering any questions you may have.