Teen and Adult Martial Arts


Vortex provides a warm and welcoming martial arts environment for new teens and adults. It takes guts to walk in and be the new person. We respect that – especially if you are not looking to be a professional MMA fighter. Normally, you are thrown into an environment with little to no preparation. Recently we had a guest come in from a different local martial arts school. In his first class at the other school, he was immediately expected to spar at a 50% pace. Can you imagine? He didn’t even know how to make a fist! That was dangerous, irresponsible and more common than we would like to admit in our industry. We know that most people are looking to learn self defense, get in shape, and enjoy making new friends who are like minded in a safe environment. This is exactly what Vortex Academy offers for teens and adults โ€“ A fun workout that teaches you how to protect yourself and gives you the confidence you need to walk tall.

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The martial arts that we teach are Japanese Knock Down Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing Israeli Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Apache Knife, and Filipino Kali Stick and Knife.

We have three separate paths to Black Belt for our teens and adults to choose from. You can pick (BJJ) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to be a grappling expert, Israeli Krav Maga to be a self defense expert, or our Vortex (MMA) multi-martial arts house blend, which  includes ALL of the above listed arts in one program. 

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Brazilian jiu-jitsu

  • Master Leverage and Control from the Ground
  • Easily Defend against Larger Opponents
  • Develop Self Confidence and Excellent Fitness

Self-confidence through jiu-jitsu training serving our local communities!

About Us

Welcome to the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu in your community! Our professional instructor team has tremendous experience WINNING in self-defense and national and international tournaments, both pro and amateur! Come experience our family-friendly jiu-jitsu and see the Vortex difference!

Effective Ground Self-Defense For Both Men And Women

During jiu-jitsu class in our Leander location, it’s important that all of our members feel safe and comfortable working with our Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructors and each other. If you are uncomfortable working with the opposite sex, we always give the option to work with someone of the same sex. Regardless of who you work with, you will learn body awareness while figuring out other peoples breaking points, and gain confidence!

Modern Academy

Vortex Academy has big matted Brazilian jiu-jitsu training areas, booked back to back on all weekdays. We have plenty of pads, bags, kick shields, and more for our students to utilize, but most importantly big fluffy throw mats for comfort and safety of all member ages. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and mission is provide a safe, family friendly environment while offering the most effective self-defense for people in any situation. Vortex Brazilian jiu-jitsu creates comfortability defending yourself from the ground, and for it is for everybody! We also have options for those who really aspire for โ€œnext level mastery” through competition. 

Mater Carlos Machado, Founder of CMJJ (Left) and Kyoshi Scott Maczuga, Founder of Vortex Academy (right)

Krav Maga

  • Get in the BEST Shape you have ever been in
  • Real World Self Defense
  • Skills in MONTHS not YEARS

Fusing Fitness with Self-Defense!



If you want to be fit, healthy, and an athlete at some level, you must focus on diet and exercise. Vortex gets that! Whether you are supplementing your martial arts training at home with a fitness program, or you just choose an at home workout solution as your entire fitness workout, we have the solution. ๐Ÿ’ช

Our at home solution provides you with over 700 video workouts of every kind (strength, speed, cardio, conditioning) from the top fitness experts in the world! In addition, we have complete food / diet plans and supplement line to guide your fitness journey.

  • Functional fun fitness
  • Compliment Vortex self-defense training
  • Interact with other like-minded people
  • Get a real sense of achievement with REAL RESULTS

Teen/Adult Web Special

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