Evening Classes

Beginner Classes

The beginner classes teaches you the essentials of martial arts – how to punch and kick, how to move standing up or move on the ground. This brings you from White Belt, to Gray Belt, to Gold Belt.

Tiny Tornados

This class is for boys and girls aged 4, 5 or 6 years old. A great place for your child to start their martial arts journey.


This beginner class is both for the whole family, and the teens/adults who want to

Choose your own adventure

After learning all the essentials of martial arts, it’s time to choose your own martial arts journey. Pick either our Vortex Multi Martial Arts (MMA) House Blend to learn multiple arts at once, pick Brazilian jiu-jitsu if you want to specialize in the best ground self-defense possible, or pick Krav Maga if you want an amazing workout while becoming a self-defense expert.

House Blend

Our House Blend is for the whole family. Each quarter we train a different type of martial arts, making sure you are always learning something new and exciting!


Our standalone Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) program is for teens and adults. Vortex BJJ creates comfortability defending yourself on the ground!

Krav Maga

Our standalone Krav Maga Program is for teens and adults. Welcome to the best Krav Maga in your area!