What Sets Us Apart

Our goal is simple; we want to support your child's walk with Jesus Christ, support their education, and create Black Belt excellence. That is why we are dedicated to building their spiritual, educational, and physical strength by improving their listening skills, body awareness, poise, coordination, and ability to follow direction.

After-School Programs

When it comes to our after-school programs, they are more than just educational alternatives to daycare. Our martial arts and fitness programs are second to none! But more than that, our culture is Christian-based and founded in kindness, caring, and compasstion. Again, this program is exclusively for students of Warriors Christian Academy which you can find at https://warriorschristianacademy.com/

Summer Academy

Warriors Christian Academy (K-12 educational academy) offers a summer semester for children looking to catch up or get ahead in their school work while offering internal and external field trips, the best martial arts, and a ton of summer fun. Warriors Christian Academy has three goals in the following order; 1 Salvation through Jesus, 2 Academics, and 3 Martial Arts, sports, and fun. This will surely make your child’s summer experience much more fruitful.

Connect With Us

For more information about our programs, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.