Vortex Creates “Life Champions”!

  • Overcome Challenges
  • Master Self-Control
  • Develop Great Sportsmanship

When properly challenged, an individual will become the best version of themself. Healthy competition is the perfect vehicle for that. Vortex both hosts and participates in the best tournaments in the country. We ensure that our students compete in safe, fair, educational settings that builds them up, and takes their mindset and physical skill to the next level. 

These Vortex student experiences have created many International, National, State, and Local Champions in full contact knock down karate, acrobatic forms, and weapons. There is a true sense of pride that we at Vortex have, when we take a shy, meek individual and imbue them with the self confidence and physical skill it takes to compete and place in high level competition. 

Competition is never forced, but always encouraged at Vortex. We do not believe in winning or losing. Vortex believes in winning and learning! 

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