What is Vortex Academy?

Vortex is a Christian owned, Private Academy, which utilizes the martial arts to develop character and teach values, morals, ethics and manners. 

Which style(s) do you teach?

Multiple styles of Martial Arts. We like to call it MMA 😉 The styles we teach are:

  • 🇯🇵 Japanese Karate: Functional stand up self defense
  • 🇹🇭 Muay Thai: Functional stand up self defense
  • 🇧🇷 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ): Practical and effective ground defense.
  • 🇵🇭 Filipino Kali: Stick and knife defense.
  • 🇮🇱 Israeli Krav Maga: Hand-to-hand and weapons self-defense. 
  • Apache Blade System: Functional knife use and defense.

Our Essentials and Elite classes rotates quarterly between the four different styles throughout the year. We call this our “house blend”. Additionally, we also offer standalone classes for BJJ and Krav Maga. 

What is your culture like?

Our culture is based on three (3) pillars: Kindness, Caring and Compassion. From there we derive our four (4) values:

  • Grow
  • Give
  • Honor
  • Inspire

Our pillars and core values are the driving force behind everything that we do.

Who is it for?

You. If you want a great workout, it’s for you. If you want practical self-defense, it’s for you. If you want the best ground game, it’s for you. If you want the best punches, kicks, throws and sweeps, it’s for you. If you want black belt excellence, it’s for you. If you want a life-changing experience and life skills, it’s for you. If you want to be around like-minded, goal-oriented, success driven people, it’s for you.  

Which evening classes do you offer?

We have classes for everybody 😎:

  • Boys and girls ages 4, 5 and 6 train in our Tiny Tornado classes. 
  • Essentials and Elite family classes for men, women and children (7+). 
  • Krav Maga program for men and women ages 13 and up. 
  • BJJ family program for men, women and children (7+).

What do I gain from training with you?

In time, you will gain the following six (6) things from training with us:

  • Physical health, fitness, and self-defense.
  • Mental health, fitness, and self-defense.
  • Moral health, fitness, and self-defense.
  • Emotional health, fitness, and self-defense.
  • Spiritual health, fitness, and self-defense.
  • Financial health, fitness, and self-defense.

What are your credentials?

Over 100 years of combined martial arts experience from our instructors. Our instructor’s experience of utilizing their martial arts is of a great variety, ranging from professional body guarding, working security details at high-end venues, winning national and international tournaments and championships. 

Vortex has created doctors, lawyers, successful business owners, martial art champions and movie stars.

What is your lineage (and history)?

The founder and CEO of our national franchise “Vortex Academy” is Kyoshi, Scott Maczuga. Kyoshi started his martial arts journey over 40 years ago. Rising in the rank through their systems and became one of the most proficient students in their respective styles of fighting. He holds 2nd degree black belts in Japanese systems of Koei Kan, Shotokan, and Ashihara Karate, as well as a 6th degree black belt in Martial Arts World (Korean TKD/Hapkido), as well as instructor certifications in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Krav Maga.

What does “Vortex” mean? Where does it come from?

In traditional Japanese karate, linear and angular movement was the only real strategy for years. Years later, in the 80’s, a style of karate utilizing “Sabaki” was created. Sabaki is the concept of blind-spot positioning and balance manipulation of an opponent through circular movement. you are pulling the opponent into a “vortex”, spinning around until you decide to reverse your momentum, creating a collision. Our English interpretation and translation of Sabaki is “Vortex”, which is where we derived our name from. Vortex is one of the only organizations teaching this in the United States.

Our Team

Our Team Members at Vortex Academy in Leander are dedicated. They specialize in each of their areas in order to provide the best support for our extended Vortex Family. Click on anyone to learn more about them.
Kyoshi MaczugaCEO & Instructor
Kyoshi Maczuga CEO & Instructor
Renshi JuliusCOO & Instructor
Renshi Julius COO & Instructor
Miss TracyOwner & Manager
Miss Tracy Owner & Manager
Coach MikeInstructor
Coach Mike Instructor
Sempai JoshCoach & Instructor
Sempai Josh Coach & Instructor
Coach KrystyanCoach
Coach Krystyan Coach
Coach MaggieManager & Coach
Coach Maggie Manager & Coach
Sensei MacManager & Instructor
Sensei Mac Manager & Instructor
Miss KylieAdmin
Miss Kylie Admin