Christian Karate Culture Creates Kingdom Kids & Godly Grown-Ups

 A Christian Martial Arts and Academic K-12 Christian Academy

Healthy Competition Breeds Motivation

Christian Martial Arts and Academic K-12 Academy


Providing K-12 Christian Education and Martial Arts Training

At Warriors Academy, we believe that healthy competition motivates kids to be their best. Our Christian academy in Cedar Park, Texas is dedicated to teaching traditional values from a biblical foundation, whether it is through our after-school and evening martial arts sessions or our K-12 private academic classes.

Martial Arts Sessions

We provide after-school and evening martial arts training for kids, teens, adults, and even the entire family. Whether you want to join our summer academy or have a private lesson, we can find an arrangement that suits your needs.

Different Courses

For effective and fun workouts that double as self-defense training, you can rely on us. We have lessons on Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Kali, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga and Krav Maga. Get fit and healthy while enjoying yourself at Warriors Academy.


Additional Services

Birthday Parties

At Warriors Academy, we make sure to make a child’s wish come true at their birthday party. That is why we offer three different levels of party packets to suit you and your family best.

Private Lessons

If you feel the want or need to take a deep dive into the details of our martial arts courses, we offer private lessons.

Fitness Sessions

If you want to be fit and healthy, our team at Warriors Academy can help you focus on your diet and exercise.

Parent’s Night Out

When Warriors Academy offers a parent's night out (PNO), it means hours of fun for both the parents and the children! Instead of hiring a babysitter or asking someone to look after your kids, we can do it for you.

Special Offers

Warriors Leadership Program

Be a part of our Leadership Program so you can learn the skills to lead others, become a role model, instructor, and even a future academy owner.

Franchise Opportunities

At Warriors Academy, we are not looking for just “anyone” to join our franchise family. We are looking for like minded Christians who have a heart to grow Gods Kingdom through education and martial arts.

Gain Confidence and Martial Arts Skills

Learning martial arts with us will surely help you fly high with confidence. For more details, contact us today.