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Theresa Parks, Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

This is long overdue, but my daughter went to 2 summer camps and really enjoyed it.  She learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it. The staff was very friendly and helpful when we were trying to work out some things with her.  The generous and outstanding customer service from the owners was unexpected but appreciated.  They do care about their kids and families.

Theresa Parks

Tiffany Arrington, Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

I love the activivities in the summer

Tiffany Arrington

Deborah D. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

My son started here 4 years ago with this Truly Wonderful facility and not only is he a probationary black belt because of everything he has learned but everyone at Vortex is like our family. Kyoshi is the Most Amazing role model for these kids and the adults who join as well. Along with his Amazing staff this place is truly a Gem and to be apart of it we are truly Blessed!! Thank You Vortex for helping shape my son into an absolutely wonderful, confident and motivated young man he is now.

Deborah D.

Jacki C., Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

My daughter went today for her first time and she absolutely loves it and can't wait to go back!! We also, love her Sensei!

Jacki C.

Lacy W. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

Vortex is an awesome family environment.  They are always welcoming and sweet to everyone in the family, not just the students.  I really feel like this is a great place for kids to learn so much about life, respect, common sense, and some awesome defense tactics. 

Lacy W.

Christina M. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

My boys LOVE Vortex! There have been many times we go to pick them up and they ask us to come back later because they are learning something new. The entire staff is amazing and are very engaging. 

Thank you Vortex Family!

Christina M.

Shelly T., Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe this "family". My daughter had problems with bullying last school year and resulted in self harm.  Of course we have seen counselors and therapists and while they have helped in one aspect, this dojo has helped with the most important lifelong lessons. Kyoshi is truly a loving and caring man, along with ALL of the staff.  In just the few months that our daughter has been there she has come a long way. The amount of self confidence and respect for herself has changed drastically.  She is learning life lessons that she can take into any situation in the real world and be successful in anything she does! Today our daughter went to class and Kyoshi noticed she just wasn't herself. He took her aside and talked with her for a while.  Then he called my husband and set out a time to meet with all three of us this evening.  He came all the way back up there just to speak with us. Unfortunately, she is being bullied again this year.  It's not extreme or anything, but the words that came out of Kyoshi's mouth were very loving and meaningful.  We came up with a team plan to help the situation and put an end to the bullying.  His response wasn't to fight, or use her acquired skills to just beat the child up. He is a very experienced man on these types of situations.  I can't thank him enough for doing this.  Just knowing that there are others out there that appreciate and care for your child is the best feeling a parent can have.  They are not just another martial arts facility.  When you step foot into that building you realize you are with family.  Every person that works there takes the time to speak with you and treat you like they want to be treated.  They don't just say the words, they live the words. When our daughter steps foot in the dojo, she now feels like she is home. She has been going there for roughly 3 months and she is not just another number, or paycheck for them.  She is family! It takes a village to raise a child.  We are very thankful they are in our village.

Shelly T.

Rebecca F. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

I interviewed other programs in the area before deciding on Vortex for my son. This is the only place I found that placed more value on ethics, responsibility, respect, discipline, and family than making money. My son, boyfriend and I LOVE this place! We've only been with the Vortex family for a few months but we're definitely not going anywhere else!

Rebecca F.

Andy Y. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

Sooo happy to have found this place! I wouldn't be where I am in life if it weren't for their leadership program. Thank you Vortex!

Andy Y.

Claire G. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

My son loves the camp at Vortex, He feels loved and encouraged there and has so much fun! We know and love the staff very much!!

Claire G.

Dave D. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

The people that run this business are just the greatest. Warm friendly and caring, but also masters in their field. Can't recommend them enough.

Dave D.

Lacy W. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

Vortex is awesome! We felt like family the minute we walked in the first time to visit. My son has so many awesome 'brothers and sisters' now, it's amazing!

Lacy W.

Phil M. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

Master Maczuga is one of the finest martial artists in the world. If your interested in developing real-world skills Vortex is the place.

Phil M.

Danette M., Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

My son has been going to Vortex for 4 months and we couldn't be happier. Everyone there has been outstanding. A huge thank you especially to Sensei G and Sempai Loibl! Not only are you great instructors, but you are amazing mentors and role models. Thanks for all you do!!

Danette M.

Priscilla R. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

This is the ABSOLUTE best! Kids are learning everything from practical self-defense to character development! LOVE IT!!

Priscilla R.

Jackie H. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

I am so happy for my daughter to be apart of the program. The staff there are awesome an do great with the kiddos!

Jackie H.

Griff G. , Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Testimonials

Great place for young and old alike! Best teachers and staff. Family values are taught and followed.

Griff G.

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