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Vortex Sports Academy

Welcome to Vortex Sports Academy, where families across Leander are building better health and wellness each and every day. We are a private child and personal development center that takes pride in offering the highest-quality classes in town. Our training is built on an education-based model with an adherence to the highest mental, physical, and emotional strategies. We teach evolved martial arts skills including revolutionary tactics like Blind Spot Positioning and Balance Manipulation. In all of our programs, we use this instruction as a vehicle for character development, life skills, values, and etiquette. Come check it out today and learn more about our application process. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started!

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My son started here 4 years ago with this Truly Wonderful facility and not only is he a probationary black belt because of everything he has learned but everyone at Vortex is like our family. Kyoshi is the Most Amazing role model for these kids and the adults who join as well. Along with his Amazing staff this place is truly a Gem and to be apart of it we are truly Blessed!! Thank You Vortex for helping shape my son into an absolutely wonderful, confident and motivated young man he is now.

Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Deborah D.

Deborah D.

My daughter went today for her first time and she absolutely loves it and can't wait to go back!! We also, love her Sensei!

Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Jacki C.

Jacki C.

Vortex is an awesome family environment.  They are always welcoming and sweet to everyone in the family, not just the students.  I really feel like this is a great place for kids to learn so much about life, respect, common sense, and some awesome defense tactics. 

Vortex Sports Academy - Leander Lacy W.

Lacy W.

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